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LoloCraft Mod

End of Support for the LoloCraft Mod!

After much consideration, the LoloCraft Mod team has now been disbanded after 3 years. But don't be sad! The adventure continues and it gets even bigger! Join the developers of the LoloCraft Mod on the new project! Jasmod Six! We are pleased to be able to offer a new and better alternative to the LoloCraft Mod. We don't yet know when exactly the adventure will begin. But it won't last long
See you in a new universe!
The LoloCraft Mod Team

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What is the LoloCraft Mod?

The LoloCraft mod is a small simple Minecraft mod that adds various things to your world.
Among them also a completely new world or several biomes.
Explore the world of LoloCraft now in Minecraft version 1.16.5



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